5 months 9 days & I’m trying out!

Last I wrote I was just just starting to get back on the grind. Bike, elliptical, battle ropes, single leg hops, all the good stuff. Since then, I’ve been running at least 3.5 miles and getting closer to my pre-surgery pace. Taking TRX classes and squatting till I drop. Seriously I actually have a booty now…

  • Squat walks, crab walks with the black band
  • 10 Single leg dead lifts- each leg (3x)
  • 10 hinges (bar & weight on your hips while your upper back is on the bench and hinge up 65 lbs (3x)
  • 10 back squats 75lbs (3x)
  • 10 box step ups 10lbs each leg (3x)
  • 10 box jumps (3x)

Basically any variation of squats, my PT had me doing. I am so thankful for physical therapist for pushing me to get to where I am now… And where am I now? I’m at the day I’ve been waiting for since I had surgery.

The goal was always to heal properly and be as healthy as possible. Right now I’m feeling strong, stable and optimistic. Only 5 months out and I’m terrified but extremely excited to be auditioning for the 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors Dance Team. Prayers and positive thoughts as I start a new chapter in recovery to becoming a member of the dance team for hopefully my 4th season.

What I’ve learned from surgery is that life is too short to not live in the moment. My season last year was cut short and nothing was more heartbreaking than not being able to do my hobby and passion. Being out on court performing for the best fans in the NBA is nothing short of remarkable. The Warriors is my family and I want more than anything to share another season with them.

With that said- I’ve got my outfit rhinestoned, bod spray tanned 😉 make up brushes clean and knee taped for tomorrow. If you’ve been through ACL and meniscus surgery you know that 5 months might be a bit too soon- but I’ll regret this day forever unless I try.

Send prayers, luck and love my way ❤

xo CG



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