Officially 15 weeks

Going through knee surgery (ACL & Meniscus) the 12 and 14 week mark are the most exciting times you will experience. Why? Because that’s when you can start WERKIN/twerkin? I mean why not…

At 12 weeks I was cleared to start jogging. However, only on the anti-gravity treadmill going at 6.0 speed and at 70% of my body weight. I would run for about 15 minutes then go on with my normal PT exercises. Once I hit the 14 week mark, I was on the treadmill running at 5.0/6.0 speed for about 30 min at 100% of my body weight. It was super weird jogging and felt odd and uncomfortable so I took a break from heavy impact on my knee. I don’t want to overdue it and of course you gotta take it easy as I was feeling a lot of discomfort. This is my workout now:


  • 10 min elliptical
  • 5 min walk 4.5 speed
  • 5 min 6-6.5 jog (I usually start feeling discomfort so I stop after 5 minutes)
  • 5 min walk 4.5 speed


  • dead lifts 25lb dumbbell (10x)
  • squat hip width apart, right foot step out squat then squat back in hip width. repeat with left side 25lb plate (10x)
  • lateral lunges 14lb med ball (20x each side)
  • calf raises 25lb plate (25x)
  • ^^repeat all 3x
  • squat walks with band forward and backward 2x
  • lateral squat walks with band 2x


  • quick jumps forward and backward 20x
  • repeat ^ with single leg. right then left 20x
  • quick jumps side to side 20x
  • repeat ^ with single leg. right then left 20x
  • repeat all 2x
  • single leg battle ropes :20 sec left leg
  • squat and press 14lb med ball
  • single leg battle ropes :20 sec right leg
  • repeat battle rope and squat 5x

PT is getting badass and I can’t wait to get back into my normal shape. I’m still restricted from a lot of things but I’m slowly getting better. 3 months out is nothing since this is a year recovery process. But prayers all around- I want to get back to doing what I love. I miss running so much and feel like I’ve developed so much stress since running was my stress reliever. Just gotta breathe…

I’m recovering faster than the average person but right where I want to be for an athlete. On the plus side… I think my booty is getting bigger from all the squats!! I mean who knows… it’s still small but I feel like there might be something there…

That’s all I got. cya





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