8 Weeks but who’s Counting?

Okay, I know it’s totally been a while since I’ve logged my process but a lot has been going on. Which is always a good thing! I’m usually the one who always is always busy and I’m happy to be getting back to that Clarice status quo.

Since my last post I was about 4 weeks post op. And today I am officially at 8 weeks! Hooraayyy! Last I updated my knee was infected and was pussing uncontrollably, I was in crutches, and still in the brace. Well yay for me.. I am NOW no longer walking on crutches and no longer in a brace! 😀

From week 4-5 I started walking without crutches and walked with some serious swaggoo. After a couple of days and more hours of PT I was able to take off the brace and walk without it. Although scary- you must be confident!

Week 6- now is really all about strength training at this point. I started going on the bike for cardio. However, still a fatigue monster and start sweating bullets after 6 minutes. As for where I’m at today… here’s my 8 week workout program:

  • Walk on 5% incline at 3.7 speed, then 8% then 10% until 1 mile OR
  • Bike (booty in saddle) for 30 minutes or less (until my knee hurts)
  • Arms baby! 17.5 lbs
    • chest press 12x
    • skull crushes 12x
    • single arm row 12x each arm
    • bicep curls 12x both arms
    • 3x through
  • Gym swelfie, duh
  • Aberellas
    • 25 lb plate sit up and press 20x
    • toe touches 30x
    • 15lb dumbbell russian twists
    • 1 min military pushups
      • 30 seconds right arm up up down down
      • 30 seconds left arm up up down down
    • 1 min plank
    • 10 push ups
    • 5 tricep pushups
    • 3x through

Break time and a couple more swelfies. So I’m really excited about the first photo because it shows my flexion improvement. I think I’m at about 145 degrees? Im slowly getting there!! ROM lets go! Also my scar is not too noticeable. I’ve been putting coconut oil on my knees every night so I think that helps a lot.

Okay last exercise at the gym requires our trust band around our shin

  • squat walks- drop that booty down low and one foot after another I walk forward about 25 years and walk backwards 3x
  • crab walks- drop dat booty down lower and side “shuffle” without the shuffle 25 feet out to the right and shuffle on back to the left 3x

That pretty much sums up my gym routine. I have 4 more weeks until I can run again. Can’t wait for my Nikes to hit the trail. I miss cardio and that endurance! I’ve definitely lost a TON of muscle as you can see my legs are sticks and gained fat but whatever- it happens. Just 4 more weeks then I’m on the road to becoming that running machine we used to know. Until then…




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