Physical Therapy Begins!

Photo 1: My sexy knee, scarring okay and swelling slowly going down
Photo 2: PT session with tens machine
Photo 3: At home tens machine Kneehab
Photo 4: At home exercises

So Wednesday, March 16 was my first day of PT. I met my therapist and did some new exercises with the tens machine. My last post I made a short goal to do SLR’s by my PT date and literally that night (day 10), I was able to do it- success! It’s such an exciting feeling being able to accomplish small goals for yourself during the recovery process.

I have my second PT session in an hour. I will be seeing them 3x a week. I’m at 70 degrees with heel slides but 90 degrees on the CPM. I’m not allowed to go any further because of my meniscus. I stopped using the CPM machine and starting to just rely on myself to get my leg at 90 during heel slides. Will update ya’ll with the progress! However, now that I am able to lift my leg- I modified my at home workouts! AND it also turns out that my moms lil weights are 10lbs and not 5lbs. I was obviously high off drugs…

CG’s Modified ACL/Meniscus Injury Workout Week 2:
20 sit up at press (10lb weight)
20 skull crushers (10lb weight)
15 side lat raises (10lb weight)
15 rows (10lb weight)
50 russian twists (10lb weight) feet straight out planted on the ground
100 paddle kicks– be gentle and no need to do them fast.
20 single leg v-ups (10 each side)
Rest 1 min Repeat 3x

Although I am doing these at home workouts I do feel softer and a little plump. Not being able to walk takes a toll on your physique. It’s inevitable to gain fat and lose muscle– for the first couple weeks or month at least. But once I am able to walk again I am so determined to get back on my fitness level and be active as much as I possibly can without over doing it!

Stay positive, trust the plan, accept the process, and faith in God and yourself. Reminders for myself through this experience and in life in general.

Time to get ready for PT #2 (day 15 post op) going strong.




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