Post Op Appointment

Alright alright, might be too graphic and you’re wondering why my knee is so wrinkly. Well I’ll have you know I’m not Benjamin Buttoning- it’s wrinkled because of bandages buttheads!

Anyway, Post Op appt went really well! We changed my bandages, answered my million and one questions and set up my first PT session! My biggest concern/question I had for the Doc was my issue with sleeping. I am so uncomfortable because it’s nearly impossible to sleep in any position BUT my back and my muscles spazzzzzz out! My muscles are dying to move around but doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon. So the Doc sent me home with a prescription for muscle relaxers. If you find yourself in a similar situation to mine– ASK for the muscle relaxers! I’m still having trouble sleeping, but hey at least it helps!

So how many pills am I popping you ask?
-Pain Meds (when needed)
-800 mgs of Ibuprofen
-Muscle Relaxers
ummm pill popper much?

I’m very much looking forward to my first PT session on Wednesday. Mainly because I’m curious to see where I’m at as far as progress. I might be over reacting but I find that my right quad is already shrinking– compared to my left quad (thunder thighs). At my post op, I was sent home with exercises to fire up my quad muscles again..

Home Exercise Program:
Quad Set when I first tried this I was shocked that I did not see any movement in my quad. I tried and tried at tried and absolutely nothing! What the heck?! I flexed my quad muscles on my left leg to compare and holy wow- looks nothing like my right! By the end of the day I was able to see some movement, however very slight. It’s been 2 days since I was given this exercise and I am able to see more muscles pop out! BOOM
Heel Slides these were a little bit easier for me since I’ve been on the CPM machine (which I’m now at 80 degrees). The higher I get, my knees start tightening up but at least I am physically able to do these exercises.
Short Arc Quad I put a towel under my knee and attempt to raise up my foot. Key word here… attempt. I see my quads twitching but sadly nothing. It’s been 2 days and still can’t lift my foot.
Straight Leg Raises alright is this a sick joke? I’m looking at my leg, brain telling my leg to lift and what do I find- no movement, NONE. This actually made me laugh a little because I’ve never experienced anything like this. I didn’t think atrophy would take into effect this quickly! It’s like I’m reborn and have to relearn how to do these things.

I do these exercises 3x a day combined with my at home arm workout for about an hour. Head back to the CPM machine then back with quad exercises. Not sure if this is realistic but I would like to lift my foot in the short arc exercises by my PT session on Wednesday. Small goals are key.

When I work out my quads I find pain/soreness below and above my knee cap. My little angel, Shelby told me to do patellar mobilization exercises to help with the stiffness and swelling. It’s a little stiff right now so I popped my trusty ole pain med to help a sista out. S/O to Shelby for being my little guardian angel and answering every stupid little question I have.

Anyway, I didn’t end up going back home to the city. I figured I’d stay at moms because I didn’t want to lug my clothes, ice machine and CPM machine to my apt in SF. Plus mom cooks for me 😉 can’t pass up that authentic filipino food. If you’re in the East Bay and want to stop by- come visit. I’m getting cabin fever and I feel like my social skills are not as strong due to the lack of human interaction. Even a FaceTime- would love to chat!

Enjoy your Sunday babes. Don’t forget to go to church!




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