Week 1 Post Op

Wow… It’s been a week, ONLY?! Holy shit guys, can I just say this is not fun. Yeah I’ve been warned, I’ve done my research and I knew going into this that I’d be pretty inactive for a while but I didn’t think it meant literally a WEEK of living the ultimate lazy person dream. Little did I know my neck, my back, my Netflix and my snacks were going to be the death of me.

Day 5:
-Pretty emotional day for me. Probably my weakest point of this journey thus far
-CPM machine at 70 degree flexion
-Pain meds and sleep again

Day 6:
-Woke up a little better and said to myself, “Self, you are going to get through this!”
-Continued reading, The Good Girl which is a pretty good read. I find the writing style very similar to Gone Girl. Stick around to find my full review when Im finished
-Picked up moms 5 lb and started a workout
-Gave myself a sponge bath and washed my hair in the sink… did I say by myself?
-Got a call from the doctors office to answer my questions and they told me I’m okay to shower… -_-
-Slowly transitioned away from the pain meds
-Watched OnDemand of Women Tell All, gosh is Ben such a perfect ten… I mean Ben (inset heart eyes

Day 7
-Read more of The Good Girl
– Completely off pain meds
-Had the WORST sleep I’ve had the entire week
-At this point I am really going crazy, not sure how much of this nothingness I can take
-Do my lil workout all with 5lb weight:
20 reps of sit up and press (legs straight)
30 reps of chest press laying like a dead fish)
20 skull crushers (sitting up)
20 russian twists
10 side lat raises
10 kick backs
3x through
-Dad came over and brought DragonEats I like the shrimp roll with 2 peanut sauses
-Watched the Dubs… wooo win over the Jazz
-Watched the Voice and felt inspired to do a little rendition on my SnapChat
-Since my sleep was absolutely terrible and I’m off pain meds I had dad grab some Zzzquil, let’s see if this works

As far as progression and ACL Surgery + Meniscus surgery rehab all you can do is get as comfortable as you can because you will be on bed rest for legit ONE WEEK. Do not even try to put pressure on it or get ahead of the game with PT because that meniscus needs to heal first. About day 6 I stopped with pain meds and have just been using the CPM machine and doing heel rotations and pointe and flex. Sorry my fellow cripples- that is all we can do. I did, however, discover that saying on the floor helps with your back pain.

At this point I’m just going crazy. I’m not sure how much longer I can be this lazy. Although I need to trust the process, stay positive and simply hope for the best.

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Zzzzzzquil kickin in full force right now. night night




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