Day 4

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Seriously how did I get so lucky? I have the most caring friends and family a girl could ever ask for. These are only a FEW of the get well care packages I have received. I have a few more bouquets back home in SF. Yes, I have my moments where I sometimes shed a tear here and there but knowing that I have a support system this strong… man, how can I even be sad?

Here’s a break down of my day/progress of Day 4:
-Woke up feeling happier, especially since the sun was out
-Finally ate real food (egg white and turkey omelette)
-Mom went to church so I felt confident on my own crutching around
Kaylee my gorgeous teammate stopped by before practice and brought me the ULTIMATE get well soon package. Seriously fellas- why haven’t you wifed her?
-Got the CPM machine to 60 degrees and pretty much had it on all day
-Watched the Dubs game… 😦
-Slid down to the floor to do abs but felt stupid so quit after 2 minutes
-Watched Inside Out, so cayooote and based out of our very own San Francisco
-Finally ate lunch for the first time (kale salad and salmon)
Leigh, my lil buddy/PIC came by after practice to hang out and catch up. Seriously we spent every weekend together and was probably going through buddy withdrawals. She also brought my a Get Well Soon care package that screamed Clarice with every item
-Elevate and ice
-Didn’t sponge bath, ew
-Meds feeling extra strong today
-Moved myself again from the couch to the bed

Today was overall a good day. A few of my besties came by and it made my heart warm knowing that nothing has changed. I am feeling stronger and I am able to bend my knee at 60 degrees which I feel is a huge progression. Just can’t wait for my post op appointment on Friday to see the battle wounds and to finally start PT and rehab. I’m ready to get off my butt and be back home in SF. It’s only day 4 but if I stay this positive– I’ll be back in no time!

night night- meds are seriously kicking in.




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