The Road to Recovery

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ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus Repair Surgery: March 3, 2016

This Thursday I went through ACL and Meniscus surgery due a dance injury. I couldn’t tell you how heart broken I was when I found out that my ACL was completely torn and if I ever wanted to dance or run again, surgery is a MUST. If you know me, you know how I am NEVER not moving. I like being busy, I thrive on being busy and being in constant motion. Running, dancing, Barry’s, TRX, you name it! You can only imagine my depression. But with the help of my caring, loving friends and family I was able to continue with strength and courage to undergo surgery.

Post-op is interesting… I have never had surgery besides my wisdom teeth nor have I ever been injured. Let’s take a look at my days so far…

DDAY/Surgery Day/Day 1:
-Arrive at 6AM, showered (ugh so early)
-Change your clothes (what? I had a specific “surgery day” outfit planned)
-Take picture (duh)
-Wake up braced, drugged, wheeled to the car then crutched into the house
CPM Machine at 30 degrees
-My nerve block wore off at about 6PM so pain meds were crucial

Day 2:
-Wow, I’m in pain. Pain meds please
-Hi Dad, thanks for taking care of me today (this is awkward I need you to lift my leg when I go to the bathroom)
-CPM Machine, this helps my flexion and I am to increase it by 10 degrees every day. I honestly feel the most comfortable in this machine. They require you use this about 6-8 hours a day but I had it on for maybe 10. I increased to 40
-Sleep, pain meds every 4 hours, more pain- double the pain meds, more sleep
-Let me try to pee on my own because it’s weird when dad takes me… SUCCESS
-Goodnight at 7PM

Day 3: TODAY
-Not too much pain, this is good
-CPM machine, slowly bringing it up to 50
Kristina brought James Patterson books and boba
Jill made chicken and kale salad
DJ EMAC came in clutch with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a Dubs teddy
Ryan brought Organic Muscle Milk, candy goodies and People Stylewatch
-Sleep, pain meds every 4 hours
-Hung out on the couch like a lazy couch potato
-PROGRESS: went to the bathroom on my own & moved from the couch to the bed!

It is now 11:45PM and I am drugged and wondering how in the hell am I even up right now to write this. Anyway, I’d like to blog about the process because it’s a good way for me to cope and to keep me sane from doing absolutely nothing  for the next couple of months.

Sound good? k cool. goodnight weirdos






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