5 months 9 days & I’m trying out!

Last I wrote I was just just starting to get back on the grind. Bike, elliptical, battle ropes, single leg hops, all the good stuff. Since then, I’ve been running at least 3.5 miles and getting closer to my pre-surgery pace. Taking TRX classes and squatting till I drop. Seriously I actually have a booty now…

  • Squat walks, crab walks with the black band
  • 10 Single leg dead lifts- each leg (3x)
  • 10 hinges (bar & weight on your hips while your upper back is on the bench and hinge up 65 lbs (3x)
  • 10 back squats 75lbs (3x)
  • 10 box step ups 10lbs each leg (3x)
  • 10 box jumps (3x)

Basically any variation of squats, my PT had me doing. I am so thankful for physical therapist for pushing me to get to where I am now… And where am I now? I’m at the day I’ve been waiting for since I had surgery.

The goal was always to heal properly and be as healthy as possible. Right now I’m feeling strong, stable and optimistic. Only 5 months out and I’m terrified but extremely excited to be auditioning for the 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors Dance Team. Prayers and positive thoughts as I start a new chapter in recovery to becoming a member of the dance team for hopefully my 4th season.

What I’ve learned from surgery is that life is too short to not live in the moment. My season last year was cut short and nothing was more heartbreaking than not being able to do my hobby and passion. Being out on court performing for the best fans in the NBA is nothing short of remarkable. The Warriors is my family and I want more than anything to share another season with them.

With that said- I’ve got my outfit rhinestoned, bod spray tanned 😉 make up brushes clean and knee taped for tomorrow. If you’ve been through ACL and meniscus surgery you know that 5 months might be a bit too soon- but I’ll regret this day forever unless I try.

Send prayers, luck and love my way ❤

xo CG


Officially 15 weeks

Going through knee surgery (ACL & Meniscus) the 12 and 14 week mark are the most exciting times you will experience. Why? Because that’s when you can start WERKIN/twerkin? I mean why not…

At 12 weeks I was cleared to start jogging. However, only on the anti-gravity treadmill going at 6.0 speed and at 70% of my body weight. I would run for about 15 minutes then go on with my normal PT exercises. Once I hit the 14 week mark, I was on the treadmill running at 5.0/6.0 speed for about 30 min at 100% of my body weight. It was super weird jogging and felt odd and uncomfortable so I took a break from heavy impact on my knee. I don’t want to overdue it and of course you gotta take it easy as I was feeling a lot of discomfort. This is my workout now:


  • 10 min elliptical
  • 5 min walk 4.5 speed
  • 5 min 6-6.5 jog (I usually start feeling discomfort so I stop after 5 minutes)
  • 5 min walk 4.5 speed


  • dead lifts 25lb dumbbell (10x)
  • squat hip width apart, right foot step out squat then squat back in hip width. repeat with left side 25lb plate (10x)
  • lateral lunges 14lb med ball (20x each side)
  • calf raises 25lb plate (25x)
  • ^^repeat all 3x
  • squat walks with band forward and backward 2x
  • lateral squat walks with band 2x


  • quick jumps forward and backward 20x
  • repeat ^ with single leg. right then left 20x
  • quick jumps side to side 20x
  • repeat ^ with single leg. right then left 20x
  • repeat all 2x
  • single leg battle ropes :20 sec left leg
  • squat and press 14lb med ball
  • single leg battle ropes :20 sec right leg
  • repeat battle rope and squat 5x

PT is getting badass and I can’t wait to get back into my normal shape. I’m still restricted from a lot of things but I’m slowly getting better. 3 months out is nothing since this is a year recovery process. But prayers all around- I want to get back to doing what I love. I miss running so much and feel like I’ve developed so much stress since running was my stress reliever. Just gotta breathe…

I’m recovering faster than the average person but right where I want to be for an athlete. On the plus side… I think my booty is getting bigger from all the squats!! I mean who knows… it’s still small but I feel like there might be something there…

That’s all I got. cya




8 Weeks but who’s Counting?

Okay, I know it’s totally been a while since I’ve logged my process but a lot has been going on. Which is always a good thing! I’m usually the one who always is always busy and I’m happy to be getting back to that Clarice status quo.

Since my last post I was about 4 weeks post op. And today I am officially at 8 weeks! Hooraayyy! Last I updated my knee was infected and was pussing uncontrollably, I was in crutches, and still in the brace. Well yay for me.. I am NOW no longer walking on crutches and no longer in a brace! 😀

From week 4-5 I started walking without crutches and walked with some serious swaggoo. After a couple of days and more hours of PT I was able to take off the brace and walk without it. Although scary- you must be confident!

Week 6- now is really all about strength training at this point. I started going on the bike for cardio. However, still a fatigue monster and start sweating bullets after 6 minutes. As for where I’m at today… here’s my 8 week workout program:

  • Walk on 5% incline at 3.7 speed, then 8% then 10% until 1 mile OR
  • Bike (booty in saddle) for 30 minutes or less (until my knee hurts)
  • Arms baby! 17.5 lbs
    • chest press 12x
    • skull crushes 12x
    • single arm row 12x each arm
    • bicep curls 12x both arms
    • 3x through
  • Gym swelfie, duh
  • Aberellas
    • 25 lb plate sit up and press 20x
    • toe touches 30x
    • 15lb dumbbell russian twists
    • 1 min military pushups
      • 30 seconds right arm up up down down
      • 30 seconds left arm up up down down
    • 1 min plank
    • 10 push ups
    • 5 tricep pushups
    • 3x through

Break time and a couple more swelfies. So I’m really excited about the first photo because it shows my flexion improvement. I think I’m at about 145 degrees? Im slowly getting there!! ROM lets go! Also my scar is not too noticeable. I’ve been putting coconut oil on my knees every night so I think that helps a lot.

Okay last exercise at the gym requires our trust band around our shin

  • squat walks- drop that booty down low and one foot after another I walk forward about 25 years and walk backwards 3x
  • crab walks- drop dat booty down lower and side “shuffle” without the shuffle 25 feet out to the right and shuffle on back to the left 3x

That pretty much sums up my gym routine. I have 4 more weeks until I can run again. Can’t wait for my Nikes to hit the trail. I miss cardio and that endurance! I’ve definitely lost a TON of muscle as you can see my legs are sticks and gained fat but whatever- it happens. Just 4 more weeks then I’m on the road to becoming that running machine we used to know. Until then…



Happy ONE Month

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Looking back at the obstacles I’ve faced throughout the years, all that struggle brought me exactly where I’m at. Living and working in San Francisco, 2 1/2 years of dancing for the best team in the NBA, a loving family and the best of friends I could ever ask for. Life is good… God is good.

It’s been ONE month since my surgery and so much was put into perspective in that short time. Living an active lifestyle: running 5/6 miles a day, dancing, and walking up and down the hills of SF– it was hard to adjust to this new lifestyle. You never really appreciate your health and what you have until you experience it yourself. Every day I reminded myself that this is only temporary and I will get back to where I was prior to surgery. My heart goes out to those with disabilities and injuries- prayers are out for you every night. Even though I can’t do the things I used to do, I still wake up every day with a thankful heart and feel blessed to be where I’m at- regardless of this minor setback.

Okay okay, enough of the gushy life-perspective stuff. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I’m doing just fine 🙂 NOW, updates on the knee…

Week 3:
rash1-WTF why is my knee pussing?! “Um hi doc, I know I’ve called you way too many times because I’m a little hypochondriacal but my incisions are pussing and I’m freaking out
-Antibiotics. Tried 3 different ones because I was getting an allergic reaction to the medication and started getting hives all over my body and swollen eyes
PT I was able to start putting weight on my foot!! So exciting to take my first steps WITH crutches
Calf raises and baby squats, super scary but so stoked to be doing something other than quad sets and leg raises
-Felt some badassery coming over me and walked with one crutch then slowly started walking without crutches 😀
-Went to the Warrior game and saw my sissies whom I haven’t seen since my surgery. Yes I walked in with my crutches #swag

Week 4:
-Officially walking WITHOUT crutches baby!!
-Went to the gym for the first time and just did upper bod of course
-Stocked up on Lenny & Larry protein cookies because they’re 3 for $5 at Sprouts
-Infection starting to clear up… here’s the narsty progression pics

-3rd picture is of this morning… scar is healing well and skin is looking better from the infection
PT worked on gait training since I’ve got a bit of a pimp walk, super confident in calf raises but squats are still a little bit scary
-I can put all my weight on my leg and extension is perfecto. Flexion is at 110 and is probably the only painful part for me but excited to be at 110!
-Now that I am fully weight bearing I can start going on the bike and headed to the gym right now to give it a try

All in all I’m recovering well. When I had my infection I was freaking out that I might be allergic to the screws in my knee. At that point I realized- I don’t care to be ahead or behind in recovery, I just pray that I recover properly and stay healthy. But if we’re being honest I’m recovering ahead of schedule 😉

More updates on PT soon. Can’t wait to start slowly jogging on the Alter G and to get back to that #fitlife. 

Love ya’ll and thanks for the constant support. Happy ONE month to me!! It’s been a journey but I’m getting through it with a positive mindset. The positive vibes are what help me progress so fast and strengthens me every day. #faith

Off to the gym to finally get a sweat in and bring up my heart rate. OH and I’m back in SF so let’s get lunch, dinner, or even better- WINE.




The Struggle to Maintain Your Toned Bod

I don’t know about my fellow ACL club members but the struggle to maintain a toned body while recovering is REAL. I am 19 days post op and have noticed a significant difference with my body.

  1. I’m not as hungry as I used to be. If you know me- I am always eating and while I’m eating, I’m wondering what I’m going to eat next. Every 2 hours– feed the lady! I’m trying to get as much protein I can from Muscle Milk and protein bars. I’m feeling kinda weak.
  2. You know the saying, “If you don’t use it you lose it”— that’s real life. Although I’m doing my exercises almost every hour my thunder thigh turned into a wet noodle. Let me just give you a little sneak peak of what I need to get back to:
    Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 8.46.52 AMNow looking at this is incredibly heartbreaking for me. 25 years of dancing, running, jumping, squatting, you name it. Although this is just added motivation to get back to where I used to be. On the plus side- my left leg is getting pretty beastly. I like to sit on the ground so every time I get up I’m doing a single leg squat. And every time I pick something up, I’m doing a single leg deadlift. Gotta think on the positive side 😉 One beast of a leg and one wet noodle.
  3. Remember when I said I’m not as hungry as I used to be? Well I wish my appetite for dessert would have changed. Nope- still the same Clarice with the biggest sweet tooth you could ever imagine. It doesn’t help that my friends secretly love getting me fat and feeding me cupcakes 😉 JK love you guys, keep em coming hahah

So maybe my struggle comes from my love for everything chocolate. Who knows but what I can say is that I am doing everything I can to maintain. Besides the occasional sweet cheat I am eating pretty clean.
Breakfast: Egg white spinach and turkey omelette
Lunch: Kale salad 
Dinner: Chicken and brocc

I’m also keeping up with my home exercises for PT even though they’re just about as exciting as watching a snail cross the street. I was given a new exercise though (photo 3) to fire up my calf muscles, a new exercise is always exciting! I’m a productive Polly so my restricted PT exercises are killing me. But I’m also keeping up with my at-home arm/ab workout, which keeps me somewhat same and makes me feel better that my arms are getting jacked. Thank God I went back home to SF to pick up my foam roller. Sheesh when you’re immobile you’re definitely going to need to roll out every day– so get one if you don’t. I have 3 at home– that’s how much I LOVE rolling out.

Since I apparently did a number on my meniscus I am not allowed to weight bear until the end of the week (3 weeks post op). I’m incredibly excited to graduate from the crutches and start weight bearing because that is one step closer to walking again soon. I’ll be on the anti gravity treadmill on Friday so stay tuned for updates.

Anyway, that’s all I got for ya. 19 days post op and getting stronger every day. This process is incredibly slow and I feel like my life is put on hold for now- but again everything happens for a reason. This set back is a blessing in disguise and I can’t wait to be back at 100% and coming back stronger than before.

I’ll be in SF Wednesday until Friday- come visit me ❤



Physical Therapy Begins!

Photo 1: My sexy knee, scarring okay and swelling slowly going down
Photo 2: PT session with tens machine
Photo 3: At home tens machine Kneehab
Photo 4: At home exercises

So Wednesday, March 16 was my first day of PT. I met my therapist and did some new exercises with the tens machine. My last post I made a short goal to do SLR’s by my PT date and literally that night (day 10), I was able to do it- success! It’s such an exciting feeling being able to accomplish small goals for yourself during the recovery process.

I have my second PT session in an hour. I will be seeing them 3x a week. I’m at 70 degrees with heel slides but 90 degrees on the CPM. I’m not allowed to go any further because of my meniscus. I stopped using the CPM machine and starting to just rely on myself to get my leg at 90 during heel slides. Will update ya’ll with the progress! However, now that I am able to lift my leg- I modified my at home workouts! AND it also turns out that my moms lil weights are 10lbs and not 5lbs. I was obviously high off drugs…

CG’s Modified ACL/Meniscus Injury Workout Week 2:
20 sit up at press (10lb weight)
20 skull crushers (10lb weight)
15 side lat raises (10lb weight)
15 rows (10lb weight)
50 russian twists (10lb weight) feet straight out planted on the ground
100 paddle kicks– be gentle and no need to do them fast.
20 single leg v-ups (10 each side)
Rest 1 min Repeat 3x

Although I am doing these at home workouts I do feel softer and a little plump. Not being able to walk takes a toll on your physique. It’s inevitable to gain fat and lose muscle– for the first couple weeks or month at least. But once I am able to walk again I am so determined to get back on my fitness level and be active as much as I possibly can without over doing it!

Stay positive, trust the plan, accept the process, and faith in God and yourself. Reminders for myself through this experience and in life in general.

Time to get ready for PT #2 (day 15 post op) going strong.



Warriors Dance Team Gallery Photos

Awkward narcissistic photo collage of myself…

Our Warriors Dance Team gallery photos are finally up! My teammates are GORGEOUS. Not only are the players killing it on court but my girls are too. Here’s a video of their performance last night. What an amazing group of women and I’m blessed to be a part of this family. These girls are working their butts off with rehearsals and games and their hard work shows out on Warriors Ground. Love these girls, this team, my coaches and the Warriors organization with all my heart. Missing every moment of it…